I ventured out of the UK for the first time this year & discovered France.

Started off driving the long windy roads to the little village of Pierrefort, to running the cobbled streets at midnight in Paris. I'm officially obsessed with all things french. 

I have fallen for France. 


Stumbling into Somerset House yesterday afternoon, in search of air con, I discovered Return of the Rudeboy.

Curated by photographer slash film maker Dean Chalkley & creative director Harris Elliot, Return of the Rudeboy showcases a sartorial subculture through a series of portraits and installations. It was an interactive & immersive experience, each subject provided their signature playlist and the exhibition even had a barber shop in the one room. 

I also now know that Rudeboy isn't just a word made up by Rihanna. 


This weekend was the Start Art Fair at my favourite gallery in London, the Saatchi. The fair is dedicated to supporting international galleries from both the world’s most exciting emerging markets, and established artistic centres. Recognising artistic talent and helping to launch the careers of emerging artists. One of the artist's happened to be a good friend Jody, who's work was a complete stand out for me. 



The Richard Mosse photography that I was lucky enough to see on Saturday at The Photographers Gallery, took me places that I've never been before. The film he used registered a spectrum of light beyond what the human eye can see, rendering the foliage in incredible Dr Suess hues of lavender, crimson & hot pink.  


A Sunday afternoon spent chasing pavements, secretly stalking Made in Chelsea characters, I stumbled across the V&A museum. From the completely marbled foyer of the museum to the Gotham City style buildings & thoughtfully decorated window displays, the streets of West London are becoming a number one destination for a chilled Sunday afternoon stroll. With my iPod blaring, coffee in hand, I liked this place a latté. 



The closest I've felt to Cape Town since January.

Brixton Market is Adderley street, Clarkes, Panchos, Power & Glory, Leftys, Mowbray and the Grand Parade ALL IN ONE. You'd think that seems impossible, but it's TRUE. You could buy a really kitch gold chain with a diamanté golden AK47 on it while getting your hair braided simultaneously drinking a craft beer and nibbling on a fresh danish slash piece of fried chicken.

My weekend of wine & fried chicken below.


Last weekend was spent exploring the streets of East London. It came to a close with me lying in a field with nothing but friends, quinoa, wine, beer and Zoe's dog Poppy. 

Lessons learnt:

1. Broadway Market is the place to go for food on a Saturday.

2. Home made marshmallows are LIFE. 

3. I really enjoy drinking Ale. 

4. Whiskey in an Americano while watching a very intense play will make you cry. 

5. Flowers really cheer me up.

6. I can eat a quinoa & mixed greens salad without having an allergic reaction. 

7. Wear sunscreen. You can get burnt in London, who knew?

8. I've become a dog person. 



Paid a visit to the Saatchi Gallery where I was overwhelmed by art. 


The most exciting art installation I've ever seen. A room filled with oil. INCREDIBLE.


So my day ended here where I had a plain vanilla cupcake and Kimberly from Made in Chelsea decided to walk past. DONE!



 2,900 postcard-sized artworks by over 1,000 contributors. 

What’s the secret? Each year, the Royal College of Art asks professional artists and designers, plus up-and- coming art students and graduates to make and donate a piece of work. Each postcard is signed on the back, so collectors don’t know the identity of the artist until they’ve handed over their cash. 

The contributors ranged from fashion designers Sir Paul Smith and head of Burberry Christopher Bailey to graduate RCA students. All donated to help support young art students. The mini masterpieces were up for sale at just £50 each.  

Below are two of my favourites from the evening. They are hilarious. 

Here is a reflection of me reflecting on the evening while on my way home. 


The best coffee shop I've found in London. 

It's a little place called Cycle in the heart of Soho. It has near to nothing on the inside other than the smoothest coffee I've had since Deluxe in CPT. 


I like this place a latté.