Adidas Originals are back at it again with a fire collection. This new range is one of the best yet.  

Here are some behind the scenes of the kids of Cape Town shot on my Minolta.

The past empowers future. This is NMD. 


2 456 kilometres driven, 65 failed attempts at speaking French & 42 Café au laits. 3 hours of being scrubbed down in a hot house, 2 best friends & 1 Peugeot 207.   

This is my long overdue, Morocco part 1. 




Two weeks ago I set of to Europe for a few days. Apart from eating 47 stroopwafels, being that guy in the club screaming 'I'm from Africa' and getting cycled home at 8am - I managed to take some cool photies. 

Note to self, no matter where you are in the world, if you try and steal the mic during a Pat Benetar hit single you WILL get hit. (I ran)

H&M Fall in love

Inspired by their global campaign #HMFallInLove, H&M South Africa collaborated with Peter Georgiades and I to bring their autumn collection for modern-day romantics to life.

We were asked to interpret ‘love’ in our own way and translate it into a custom fashion story. The result - a series of photographs that are intended to speak to how you can love what you wear and where you live and when those two meet they can harmoniously create art. Collectively the story speaks to self love, mystery, confidence and the power of partnership. 

Here is our take on 70's elegance - with an edge.