Love Runs Out

So what started over a year ago with me taking my shirt off in the club has finally reached a point where the end is so stunningly in sight. 

Those of you who know me well, know I've spent a good 10 years now living vicariously through High School Musical's Troy. It's pretty ironic that I now get to be in my first role ever on screen as character called Troy. Good things come to those who wait/take their clothes off in Evol right?

What a ride it has been surrounded by ridiculously talented actors, the crew/fam at Muti and of course the famed Roger Young. I've grown up so much, chain smoked many Marlboro Lights, been groped by a homeless person, faked an acid trip, hooked up with 89% of the cast & pretended to be a local bad boy who sleeps with more people than my Instagram following. 

We are now in the final stretch, emotions are high & there is more stress than the amount of freelance creatives in Cape Town. We are crowdfunding our last little bit of money to make this film a reality - Love Runs Out crowd fund. We would greatly appreciate any support to help us to bring our baby to life & in doing so place a brick in my long road to hopefully becoming the male Charlize Theron.

All my <3


Find out more about the process here - Between 10&5