Wild Beasts x Arcade Fire

Two albums that I had on repeat in Feb, I managed to see on the same day.

Wild Beasts were better live than their recorded album & Arcade Fire, absolutely NEXT LEVEL.

First up, opening with Mecca, the Wild Beasts. I would have preferred them in a smaller, more intimate setting (Village Underground) but they managed to hold their own on the massive stage set for the entirety that is Arcade Fire. Hayden & Tom were both flexing their vocal muscles, some serious harmony acrobatics went down. Present Tense, easily one of my top albums of 2014.

It took 40 minutes and about 34523 people to turn the stage into an Arcade Fire playground. They opened with Normal Person and I WAS THE HAPPIEST PERSON IN THE CROWD. My standout was Regine; a woman of many talents. She bounced around the stage from drums to harpsichord to vocals to maracas. Then decided to strap some mirrors on her hands and do some lyrical dance moves while reflecting light into the crowd. Oh and not to forget her cracking out with ribbon sticks while Win stood centre stage performing Joan of Arc. We Exist & Sprawl II were my favourites and I really feel like EVERYONE needs to experience the beautiful Arcade Fire live. 

^ The Reflektor Album Cover - 1 of my 2 favourite album covers ever. The National's Trouble Will Find Me cover is perfection as well. 

In other news, I watched Boyhood last weekend, Deep Blue by Arcade fire was chosen to end the film and it was absolutely perfect. I highly recommend.