KALEIDESCOPIC JUNE - A month filled with ups & downward dogs. Sadly, my 8 weeks of (almost sober) yoga teacher training have come to a close. The past two months I moved into YogaLife, discovered how flexible I really am, chowed a few cacao beans (WILD) & reminded myself that even after 200 hours of namaste, sweat and tears, I'm still allergic to coconut water. Oh well. 

Here are 15 tracks to sum up my month. A hint of house, a side of nostalgia and a sprinkle of emotion. Pretty much all over the place - like me on Friday night crawling across the dance floor (not sorry). Shout out to June - the best month a boy like me could have. 

Hello to the beginning of being the light or the mirror that reflects it.  

This is Sixteen 06. 


Album art - Beatrice Gilbo <3