MAY - my month of change. New adventures, new friends. You know what they say, the more change, the wealthier the man. I just made that up, and it sounds pretty good so I'm gonna leave it there. 

Winter is fully in motion & outside of my 24 heated hours spent at Yoga Life every week, I'm being kept warm by the sounds of Beyoncé, Drake & James Blake. Other then those three, the new Radiohead and Timo ODV's latest BANGER, I've made time to collect a few goodies on Soundcloud.

This playlist is pretty much an episode of The OC - the goal for every playlist since day one. You may not like it all but there is definitely something for everyone. From starting your day happy, to ending it sad, going back and forth about getting an Ou Meul pie for the second day in a row or sitting at your desk questioning why you keep ordering the terri coffee from the Buzz café. 

This is Sixteen 05. 

Album art photo on set of Love Runs Out taken by - Saskia Koerner