My summer through the lens of the Minolta that changed my life and produced 265 profile pictures for the closest around me.  

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I forced my brother, the person who steers my music taste away from the 5fm Top 20 every once and a while, to give me his top 30 albums of 2016.

Here is a little taste from each album, something to sit with for the rest of the week <3

S/O to Frank Ocean for not having his music on YouTube. 

Sean's full list:

1. Radiohead - A Moon Shaped Pool
2. Frank Ocean - Blonde
3. Kaytranada - 99.9%
4. Anderson .Paak - Malibu
5. Angel Olsen - Woman
6. Bon Iver - 22, A Million
7. Dj Koze - Pampa Vol. 1
8. Blood Orange - Freetown Sound
9. Solange - A Seat At The Table
10.Chance The Rapper - Coloring Book
11. Bateleur - Bateleur
12. Sakawa Boys - 2014 Anxiety
13. James Blake - The Colour in Anything
14. BadBadNotGood - IV
15. Tim Hecker - Love Streams
16. Parquet Courts - Human Performance
17. Savages - Adore Life
18. Jessy Lanza - Oh No
19. Kanye West - The Life of Pablo
20. Cass McCombs - Mangy Love
21. Rival Consoles - Night Melody
22. Jim James - Eternally Even
23. Jenny Hval - Blood Bitch
24. Nicolas Jaar - Sirens
25. Simian Mobile Disco - Welcome to Sideways
26. Whitney - Light Upon the Lake
27. A Tribe Called Quest - We Got It From Here…Thank You for Your Service
28. Mitski - Puberty 2
29. Frank Ocean - Endless
30. Hamilton Leithauser and Rostam - I Had a Dream That You Were Mine

Honourable mentions include: David Bowie - Black Star; Soft Hair - Soft Hair; Black Marble - Its Immaterial; NxWorries - Yes Lawd; Preoccupations - Preoccupations; Noname - Telefone; Mndsgn - Body Wash; Gold Panda - Good Luck and Do Your Best; Lone - Levitate; Anohni - Hopeless; Frankie Cosmos - Next Thing; Porches - Pool; Japanese Breakfast - Psychopomp; Balance - Lorielle Meets the Obsolete; Keira - Susso; Mouth Tooth - Group Therapy/ Memory Foam; Sol Gems - Lapis Lazuli; Nick Cave- My Name is Nick.


S/O to Sekh-Fei for the image <3

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To be formless is to be flexible. 

Able to crash through like waves yet also be as subtle as a breath of fresh air. 

To be formless is to be in tune with what and who you are: an infinite potential.


Every Tuesday. 




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2 456 kilometres driven, 65 failed attempts at speaking French & 42 Café au laits. 3 hours of being scrubbed down in a hot house, 2 best friends & 1 Peugeot 207.   

This is my long overdue, Morocco part 1. 





Building this playlist over the past 30 days has been pretty interesting. Mostly because I've only been listening to music that one can yoga too. This is definitely my most dynamic mixtape to date. The Flume & Little Dragon collab has been on repeat in my car for 1607 hours, sorry to everyone around me at the traffic lights, that's my bass making your windows shake. I have also officially accepted my love for deep house and a sneaky drum and bass song, so I guess that means I'll have to be front and centre at the next We Love Summer party. (cc Leila)

I'm sensing a theme in my life over the next few weeks. Tomorrow is apparently 27 degrees, I'm in Durban for the Loeries next week and then I am escaping to the desert for three and a half weeks. By the time I'm back MarTAN will be getting into gear ready to hit summer HARD.

In other news, from next week Tuesday @ 6PM,  I'll be starting my classes at WILD THING in Sea Point. For those of you who want an early week unwind, hit me up and I'll DM you the details. Come get down with me and flow so hard through a heated yoga flow class with a playlist so lit, it will make you sweat. 

Album art by my personal photographer Ané Strydom aka Candice. 



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Wrapped up Fashion Week by draping myself around town wearing all the looks from the best in local menswear. Shout out to Juanes, Akim and the rest of the team who brought this to life.


Two weeks ago I set of to Europe for a few days. Apart from eating 47 stroopwafels, being that guy in the club screaming 'I'm from Africa' and getting cycled home at 8am - I managed to take some cool photies. 

Note to self, no matter where you are in the world, if you try and steal the mic during a Pat Benetar hit single you WILL get hit. (I ran)


KALEIDESCOPIC JUNE - A month filled with ups & downward dogs. Sadly, my 8 weeks of (almost sober) yoga teacher training have come to a close. The past two months I moved into YogaLife, discovered how flexible I really am, chowed a few cacao beans (WILD) & reminded myself that even after 200 hours of namaste, sweat and tears, I'm still allergic to coconut water. Oh well. 

Here are 15 tracks to sum up my month. A hint of house, a side of nostalgia and a sprinkle of emotion. Pretty much all over the place - like me on Friday night crawling across the dance floor (not sorry). Shout out to June - the best month a boy like me could have. 

Hello to the beginning of being the light or the mirror that reflects it.  

This is Sixteen 06. 


Album art - Beatrice Gilbo <3


MAY - my month of change. New adventures, new friends. You know what they say, the more change, the wealthier the man. I just made that up, and it sounds pretty good so I'm gonna leave it there. 

Winter is fully in motion & outside of my 24 heated hours spent at Yoga Life every week, I'm being kept warm by the sounds of Beyoncé, Drake & James Blake. Other then those three, the new Radiohead and Timo ODV's latest BANGER, I've made time to collect a few goodies on Soundcloud.

This playlist is pretty much an episode of The OC - the goal for every playlist since day one. You may not like it all but there is definitely something for everyone. From starting your day happy, to ending it sad, going back and forth about getting an Ou Meul pie for the second day in a row or sitting at your desk questioning why you keep ordering the terri coffee from the Buzz café. 

This is Sixteen 05. 

Album art photo on set of Love Runs Out taken by - Saskia Koerner


Because I always feel like running.


Some old, some new - SIXTEEN 04 has been created for the sole purpose to listen to full blast in a car, on your own or pretending to be Freddie Prinze Jnr / Sarah Michelle Gellar, everything around you is in slow motion, a Tarantino fight scene, a contemporary dance to an emotional acoustic Adele song or lying flat on your back post hot yoga class.

Bookended by my new favourite RY X serving Bon Iver / Ben Howard realness - thank you Nowness - peppered with Willow's voice and a classic Henry Krinkle fav - this playlist may seem somber but it has the power to push you up the hill - The hill that is April, a struggle of a month for most, for me; losing my tan & my temper.

Bring it on winter. I'm ready. 

Album Artwork - Edgar Berg - For Male Model Scene





Adidas Generation NMD

Last Thursday one of my little Instagrams was featured in the Adidas Generation NMD exhibition in Braam. I was pretty stoked to be featured in the same space as some of my favourite Instagrammers including two of the best, Dave East & Lindi_xo. I noticed the campaign on Instagram and was immediately drawn to attempt to showcase the urban exploration lifestyle in South African street culture through my little iPhone5s lens.

The Adidas Tubulars changed my life late last year, and I have had months of compliments thrown at my feet - Dope kicks bro, swag levels, yas Marty FLAMES - as well as making it through the castings for CT Menswear Fashion Week week due to the extra 4cm added to my height.

Shot Adidas x 

Shout out to @sekhfei for the event pic.

Love Runs Out

So what started over a year ago with me taking my shirt off in the club has finally reached a point where the end is so stunningly in sight. 

Those of you who know me well, know I've spent a good 10 years now living vicariously through High School Musical's Troy. It's pretty ironic that I now get to be in my first role ever on screen as character called Troy. Good things come to those who wait/take their clothes off in Evol right?

What a ride it has been surrounded by ridiculously talented actors, the crew/fam at Muti and of course the famed Roger Young. I've grown up so much, chain smoked many Marlboro Lights, been groped by a homeless person, faked an acid trip, hooked up with 89% of the cast & pretended to be a local bad boy who sleeps with more people than my Instagram following. 

We are now in the final stretch, emotions are high & there is more stress than the amount of freelance creatives in Cape Town. We are crowdfunding our last little bit of money to make this film a reality - Love Runs Out crowd fund. We would greatly appreciate any support to help us to bring our baby to life & in doing so place a brick in my long road to hopefully becoming the male Charlize Theron.

All my <3


Find out more about the process here - Between 10&5

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H&M Fall in love

Inspired by their global campaign #HMFallInLove, H&M South Africa collaborated with Peter Georgiades and I to bring their autumn collection for modern-day romantics to life.

We were asked to interpret ‘love’ in our own way and translate it into a custom fashion story. The result - a series of photographs that are intended to speak to how you can love what you wear and where you live and when those two meet they can harmoniously create art. Collectively the story speaks to self love, mystery, confidence and the power of partnership. 

Here is our take on 70's elegance - with an edge.


Run/walk/snap snap snap/cry yourself to sleep/order an Uber/plan your next Euro trip/get a second flat white/have an allergic reaction/stop the bus/everything at the same time - this is the playlist to get you through em all.

Ride the chillwave and enjoy 'operation winter body' as the clouds roll in.

Moisturise and shine x

*Cover for MMScene by Edgar Berg


One of my favourite mixtapes to date for one of the busiest months of my life. 

S/O to the new James Blake & Movement always knowing how to make me FEEL. Watch out for Cara Delevingne on vocals oh and of course I had to sneak in one of my all time favourite YogaLife bangers. (sorry)

Listen to this with your headphones in and let it take you away from all things serious. Thanks February! 


S/O to the incredible selection of films I got to see this week at the Design Indaba Film Festival.  Here is the soundtrack to my week, in and around reviewing the whole get up. 

Half local, half international, most of which go well with the sudden change of season in Cape Town. 


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